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Up On The Mountain

The Ideas May Change, but the Principles of Loyalty & Survival Remain the Same

2 May 1982
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I'm 32 years old, still trying to figure out exactly how I got to this point called adulthood, and fighting to turn back time every chance I get [I liked not having to worry about work, bills, and reputation all the time]. I'm married, with a 5-year-old son, a crazy German Shepard/Rottie mix, a pit bull, and 2 cats. I'm in college working on a career in information security but currently busting my ass working full-time on a factory production line for 12 hours a night while going to school during the day and hoping an IT job will call me back before my fingers fall off or my back goes out..

I can be a smartass at times and have a penchant for snark, but I am nice in person and will go out of my way to help people. I've been a lot of places and through a lot of things in life.. Some of it may make me seem like a walking contradiction, but it's all made me who I am, and I mostly like the way I've turned out, dspite some collasal fuckups in my life and thought processes over the years.

Religion and spirituality is an important, albeit transitory, part of my life. I am a Catholic, but I got here the long way round. I was raised nominally Christian, but my parents didn't go to church much, and I have followed and explored religions including many sects of Christianity [Methodist, Fundamentalist Baptist, Reformed, Christian Identity, Mormon, Anabaptist/Mennonite], Wicca, Asatru [Norse Paganism], and LaVeyan Satanism. While I found things in all of these that resonated with me at different times and still maintain respect for most followers of those traditions, I never felt like I could totally define myself as believing in or following any one path. I started studying Catholicism and surprised myself by falling in love with the Catholic Church and with God through the lens of Catholicism, but I still struggle with certain teachings, in particularly those that are hard to reconcile with feminism and equal treatment for LGBT people.

My politics and social beliefs are still sort of evolving, from pretty out there to almost normal, I guess. I'm a Democrat now and fairly liberal on most things, which is a reversal of my previous views. I considered myself a small "l" libertarian for years, but I am bothered by the way libertarian-ism for many seems to be very classist and often sexist and racist as well. I believe in freedom, but I find too many people seem to define freedom in a way that just maintains the status quo and favors upper-middle class white males at the expense of others. I believe we need health care reform and a safety net for people who are unable to work or between jobs, to help them support their families in the meantime instead of falling farther behind. I believe in protecting American interests, but we also need to be careful not to trample on people's human rights in the name of protecting our sovereignty. I am a feminist. Other issues important to me are religious freedom, healthcare freedom & patient's rights, size acceptance (accepting & loving one's body regardless of size or weight and ending discrimination and hate based on weight, appearance, etc), and rights for the physically and/or mentally "disabled".

I was very involved in the racist/racialist movement for most of my life, but I dropped out of that scene because of all the drama and hypocrisy. It took me a while to see the other ways it is wrong - not just how it harmed me, but how being involved in it and supporting it hurts everyone who comes in contact by those who support it. As I've become more active within other social causes it's changed the way I look at many things in life, because I am seeing how one type of oppression or discrimination is used to support and reinforce another and that limiting or denying the rights of any one group is used to support a system which then is used to limit and control the others as well. Anymore, I think most organized racism (and a lot of more mainstream politics as well) is just another way to keep people fighting and oppressing each other instead of working together to make the world better for us all. I've realized I have a lot more in common with the women around me in similar life and economic situations, whatever their race or country of origin, than I do the wealthy or at least upper-middle class white men at the top of these supposedly conservative groups telling me I should be fighting for their causes.

I have no idea how to describe myself beyond all that. I've changed a lot over the years, so an even longer bio's no good either. Your best bet is just to read if you find anything interesting, and ask if you have any questions; I'm a pretty open person. If you decide I'm boring or a horrible, mean, evil, etc. person later and delete me from your friend's list, it's not going to hurt my feelings. I have a few more frequently updated public blogs, so this is more of a personal type journal that I post in sort of hit or miss, and a place to keep an account for reading/posting in communities.

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