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Sat, Apr. 11th, 2015, 05:00 am

I wish more people were still on livejournal, but I think I feel safer writing on here now because it is not as popular as certain other spaces. It feels safer in the quiet, despite still being wide-open by virtue of being online. It's familiar though. I've written here a long time. Even longer if you count the high school journal I deleted. Sorry for typos and incoherance - it's 5am, I haven't slept. and I'm tired & sore.

Life is changing, for the good. I'm Catholic now. It's where I need to be, but I still struggle certain things. I guess we all do, though. Amazingly, Billy has suddenly decided he wants to try out a few churches. Not Catholic, too many rules for him right now, but he wants to avoid the charismatic/pentecostal types and the cults of personaility that we experienced in Baptist fundamentalism, so I have a feeling he'll end up in one of the more liberal but still heavily liturgical denominations.

We're both apparently flaming liberals/SJWs these day, at least by our previous standards. All the fucks I give about how other people see that are long gone, because they'd think even worse if they knew the whole story. It's been a great filter for getting most of the racist/sexist/homophobic dickwads (ie, the one's who are assholes if you don't share or bolster all of  their beliefs - I've found a few liberals like that, too) out of our lives without much effort, though, even though we had chosen to get involved with them in the first place.

I'm graduating with one AAS next month, but I'm kind of ambivilent about it. It's in Web Design & Development and I learned more on my own than in school, and don't feel like it's that great of a career field , as far as pay and stability go. I have another 1-2 years to finish the degrees I am excited about - Information Systems Security & Computer Information Technology. My long-term goal is something in cybersecurity or penetration testing, and IT is usually a stepping-stone on the way.

I just started working at a factory about an hour away. 12 hour night shift, really shitty/painful conditions, but decent pay and benefits, if I can handle it physically, at least until something better comes around. I've had 2 interviews for IT positions this month - one just a phone interview & waiting for a group interview as a followup, the other position was 2 interviews but I feel like I flubbed the main tech question by skipping the simple/obvious and going straight to more advanced troubleshooting. I though about emailing and explaining my thought process, but I'm afraid it'd make it worse. Crossing my fingers that I get one of those 2 jobs before the one I'm on destroys my back or hands or ankles or knees.

My son is 5 now. That's hard to believe, but he starts kindergarten in August. He is smart and amazing and exhausting. I miss him like hell when I work, because I go 2-3 days without seeing him. I want to get back on a normal schedule somewhere soon.